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 Advanced Technology of Propeller Shaft & Stern Tube Seal
Thursday, January 27, 2011

The paper outlines the details concerning historical perspective and recent developments to meet a
requirement that lube oil and seawater leakage must be prevented under any circumstances. Using a
compressed air chamber, the lube oil in the stern tube is completely separated from seawater by providing
a controlled “buffer zone” between lip type sealing rings. A constant quantity of compressed air supplied
from within the ship, passes through the air chamber and is spouted into the sea. An air control unit
automatically detects any change of draft level and adjusts the pressures to maintain the optimum pressure
on each sealing ring. The key mechanism to detect the draft change correctly and to adjust the pressure
balance is explained. Specific design and project applications for the stern tube air seal on ocean going
and other marine vessels using line shaft propulsion and pod propulsion are explained.

Collected By:
Eftekar Ahmed
DME 27th Intake
Category: Ship Auxiliary
Posted by: Eftekar Ahmed  
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