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 Regarding Get-together.
  Thursday, September 12, 2013

The definition of a get together is a situation when multiple people gather at a certain location in order to see each other such as family picnic is an example of a get together. We are the Diploma Marine Engineer coming from different nations, religion & family but we have formed in BIMT a new family called BIMT (Mariner’s) family and all member of this family servicing all over the world for mankind. That’s why they are sacrificing their contact with father, mother, sister, brother, wife, children as well as BIMT. Not only that they are facing trouble for the need of one certificate because BIMT doesn’t offer it to their student. Where every year huge amount of money comes from ILO for development and starting various short courses in BIMT but matter of sorrow that nobody thinks about the passing cadets of BIMT as a result they faces trouble after completion Diploma until death and that is the truth. Though have many troubles heart and mind say for get-together in BIMT to share each other, to meet and gossip each other. In response some guys/people are trying to arrange a get-together in BIMT accordingly but they aren’t succeeding in long run. So my cordial request to let’s raise our co-operation towards these sacrificing guys/people. Regards Eftekar Ahmed

Posted by: Eftekar Ahmed                               Reply to this thread
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