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 Membership Application
  Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dear Concern Please be informed that, all membership application shall be processed by the first week of each month. Regards SMQ Zaman Joint Secretary

Posted by: SM Quamar uz Zaman                               Reply to this thread
Replies posted on this topic
 Passions for IDMEB.
16-Jun-2012 by Eftekar Ahmed
Dear S.M. Quamar - uz - Zaman Sir,
I understood the process that you have prescribed. And I could realize that how the tough condition is passing through our Institution. I also believe that the membership approval is not easy job for the admin only. There is chance of miss-approval. Some culprits may have taken this opportunity. Yes, there is no doubt. I was disappointed since I found a member in 27th Intake of IDMEB named Kamrul Hasan; addresh:- C/o Md.Monirul Islam
Darsana Bazar,Darsana,Chuadanga, because he was not our batch-mate as when I was a student of DME 27th Intake.
In this regard I would like to give some opinion about selection & evaluation of IDMEB member:
A) Every candidate should apply for membership with fixed amount of Bank Draft pay order to IDMEB.
(This will ensure only right candidate to apply simultaneously will made a fund for IDMEB in terms of development of IDMEB as well as meeting the expense for candidate selection.)
B) An evaluation committee will select & evaluate these candidates for membership.
(Selection & evaluation may be proceeding with a strict process which will ensure the proper evaluation).
C) Before candidate section for evaluation step a phone interview should be taken by committee.
D) Further payment to done by selected candidate with prescribed method to sit in evaluation step.
(This will help to make a fund for IDMEB in terms of development of IDMEB as well as meeting the expense for candidate evaluation.)
E) Finally evaluated candidates will get the membership.
F) All process must be authorized by the authority of IDMEB.

This is my short opinion. I feel the IDMEB from my heart always. I like to see our Institution as standard form. That’s why I am agreeing to scarifies anything for good of IDMEB. so, I do hereby invite to everyone please come on and stand beside our Institution. Let’s contribute from the level best to build our dreamy Institution.
Thank you.wish you best of luck.

Eftekar Ahmed
Operations Engineer
Pendakar Energy.

 How funny!
16-Jun-2012 by SM Quamar uz Zaman
Dear Mr. Eftekar Ahmed
Approval of membership application are being sent to the applicant only by email if he provide any. Hope Mr. Sagor received the same.

Regarding fake ID, it is not possible to verify each application all the time by Admin. Last 5 new member names are always being displayed in the home page of the website. All existing members are being requested to check if the new members are unknown, specially to the respective intake/ batch. Very few were reported fake and immidiately deleted/ discarded. Please keep us updated if you found any suspect. Unfortunately Mr. Eftekhar, you have no opposion becuase, you are also a part of IDMEB. Together we have to build strong IDMEB. Please take the lead.

 How funny!
15-Jun-2012 by Eftekar Ahmed
What a funny matter that, SAGOR VAI is not member of IDMEB! When significant number of fake member is found in IDMEB.

I do hereby declared that, my speech represents my rejoinder against these fake members. Thanks a lot.


 Haven't got membership yet
06-Jun-2012 by S. M. SHAHIDULLAH
One of oru senior brother Jahangir Alam Sagar, 18th intake( applied for membership long time ago but still he hasn't got the membership. please admin check it and give him membership.


S. M. Shahidullah
25th intake

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