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 Furtre of BIMT
  Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dears, Hope that everybody is well. Today this topic is being written by killing of valuable time from the painstaking mind for BIMT future. Now its the time to step forward for specially sleepy brother of BIMT hostel. Before start it is to be informed that, the world is not like BIMT hostel, the way of life is not like a bed of BIMT hostel and the BIMT hostel is not at all. Please get up brothers see the world and realize the virtual truth.What is waiting for you? And think yourself what things you expect from here? Why have you came here ? And then listen what things i would like to inform you otherwise you may close the topics. All of my seniors and my batch-mates are well as i know. Inshallah I am also well by the gracious Of Allah. Today I informed from the News paper that, DG shipping snatch the entitle of getting CDC of Marine fisheries academy though they have the ISO approved course curriculum. But the CDC is being given to some personnel trained from so called privet training institute by DG shipping authority. This news really shocked me. Because without CDC what is the value of a Marine Engineer? As far I know the are setting up for agitation to get CDC. we have same problem. now think what should we do? And another thing I would like to share. We know that "Education is the backbone of a nation" but where is the higher study scope for BIMT graduates?

Posted by: Eftekar Ahmed                               Reply to this thread
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