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 Great Oppportunity
  Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It was a really great opportunity for BIMT cadets. But why need preparatory courses for class -05 for BIMT cadets? I consider BIMT cadets as virtual competent for the post of 5th or 4th Marine Engineering Officer for any types of sea-going vessel. As my point of view CDC should be given against the BIMT cadets. The class 05/04 preparatory courses are provided by some maritime institutes which have no laboratory/workshop or instrument/study materials. But hideously they are providing Marine Engineering Cadet / Deck Cadet or Crew. We are absolutely confused about qualification of such kinds of Marine Engineering Cadet / Deck Cadet or Crew. In the other hand in BIMT has large rich IC Engine workshop, HP Pump & Injector testing laboratory, Electrical workshop, Mechanical Engineering Workshop, Refrizaration & Air conditioning workshop, Computer lab, physics & chemistry lab, drawing lab etc. Every workshops/laboratories of BIMT are decorated separately with latest technological tools & instruments. Every year highly qualified students are being admitted by evolution test/admission test. This is not at all but also BIMT is providing high quality teaching since the start. But unluckily BIMT student do not get CDC directly. They have to do preparatory courses from those private maritime institutes (which have no laboratory/workshop or instrument/study materials) to be appearing on competency examination arranged by DG Shipping, Bangladesh. This is really harassing BIMT Cadets. So this gazette needs to be constructed & re-arranged. And every running BIMT cadets & EX cadets keep-on their eyes. Please post your valuable comment for future BIMT.

Posted by: Eftekar Ahmed                               Reply to this thread
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